"I Wish, I Can, I Will, I DID!"

"I Wish, I Can, I Will, I DID!"

When you are beginning something new, there are different phases we all go through. First, we “wish” we could do something. At this point, it seems so far-fetched and unattainable, but you can’t seem to shake the desire. Why? Because it’s quite possibly the one thing you ARE supposed to do in life.

The next phase is “I CAN”. After you dive a little deeper and gather a little more information, you realize…”Hey, I might actually be able to get this done. Why not me? Why not follow my dreams?” Then it’s just about finding the right time.

You start to rationalize “Okay, when this, this, and this falls into place, then I WILL.” Reality quickly sets in, causing you to recognize that there is no such thing as the perfect time.

You seize the day, go for it, and would you look at that! You DID IT! I encourage you to start that business, take that class, book your flight for that trip, because life is short and every second you spend thinking about it, is one less second you have to actually do it.

– Love, Jaye

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