Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

F.E.A.R. – False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

“FEAR” is written upside down and backwards from “FAITH” to depict that it is impossible to be aligned to faith and fear at the same time. You have to pick one. Spoiler Alert: Faith is always better!

This picture was one of the scariest moments I’ve had in a long time. I was going to a comedy show to see a comic that I really liked and I decided to make a shirt for him. Now, some would say, “Well what’s so scary about that?” Well let me paint the picture. I am someone who, as a kid REFUSED to even do the school fundraisers. I have never liked to sell things, ask people for things, or promote myself. So this was TERRIFYING. “But it was a gift Jasmine” SO?! I purposely wore this tank top to hype myself up. As my subtle reminder that YOU CAN DO THIS!

 FEAR told me that as soon as I walked up to him he was going to knock the box to the ground, kick it across the room and call security.

BUT, because I chose to operate in FAITH, I learned that he is one of the most pleasant people ever. He was so gracious and cool about it and it was HIS idea to put my gift in the picture. Imagine that!

Now this is a small example of the concept, but a lot of times it’s the baby steps that get us where we’re trying to go. Last week I spoke about living a LIMITLESS life and setting goals that scared you. This week, we are taking it further and saying, although your goals might scare you, PURSUE THEM ANYWAY. – Love Jaye

P.S. – I created the sweatshirt and hoodie for this because…I still need the reminder!

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  • I love the illustration of how the message on the shirt manifested in your life. I’m gonna order mine ASAP

    Jarrett on

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