The constant act of preparing, plotting, and executing one’s plan to take over the world. See Also: Pinky & The Brain

Mid-September, in the center of Atlanta I had 6 friends come out, on a 95 degree day to shoot my Fall/Winter Collection. Six faces looking at me for direction...because of course, I’m my own photographer. I was sick to my stomach, no shot list and completely CLUELESS. “WHAT DO I DO?!”...you turn the camera on sis.

My parents are educators, so in our house, grades were right up there with Jesus. I’ve always been pretty smart, but my mom made it clear that it would be my effort that set me apart, not my innate intellect. I’m not the smartest, but I WILL work the hardest. That has carried over into my entire career. From ringing groceries at Food Lion to building marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies. I have always strived to give my VERY BEST on any assignment. Put in the most work, give the highest quality effort...to fulfill someone else’s passion. 

Now I realize that every job, project, class has prepared me for this entrepreneurial journey. A journey, mind you, that I had no idea I would ever go on. There have been days when I am a blogger, accountant, USPS clerk, manufacturer, videographer, and creative director all in the same HOUR. And I LOVE it! The work ethic is ENGRAINED in me, so the long hours don’t really get to me. Was I nervous at my first photo shoot, with 6 faces looking at me waiting for direction? Yup! Did I turn the camera on anyways? Yup! Am I intimidated when I open up Adobe Premier Pro and hope I get a good video out of my amateur clips? Of course! Do I fire up the MacBook anyways? Absolutely! Why? The opportunity to put something in the universe that is MY creation, is priceless! It’s worth every frustration, every nerve, and every tear. If at times you feel a little weary from the tower of hats sitting on your head, I encourage you to remember your why, embrace your now, and keep your eye on the end goal. You don’t have to have a complete roadmap, but you do have to start, so just turn on the camera. – Love, Jaye

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